Our Fabrics


We are immersed in a constant and passionate pursuit of fabrics, always at the forefront of innovation in sustainability and with a low environmental impact. We establish a special connection between the global and the local. We look for the fabrics all over the world, we bring them to Galicia and we make ours, giving them our mark of identity. Then we go back to the global process, distributing our products all over the world.

Blazer Annette


Organic cotton/wool is grown in certified landswithout the use of toxic, persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizer, avoiding skin exposure to toxic substances.

Organic farmers use crop rotation rather than the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Production also has special care with workers, ensuring fair working conditions.

Organic garments to improve the world.


Organic cotton, tencel, lyocell and bamboo garments, dyed using fruit extracts and seasonal flowers, such as Earl Gray Tea and Lilley of the Valley. A natural and revolutionary process free of chemicals. You will feel the essence of fruits and flowers on your skin, a unique experience.


Garments made with milk fibers, obtained from milk casein. Made with sustainable techniques and taking care of the environment, this fabric helps people who suffer from allergies and other diseases in which the skin reacts to chemicals used in the textile industry. Silk touch, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, absorbent, moisture management. Eco friendly fabric, but, most important, friendly skincare.


Garments made with a fabric obtained from post-consumption plastic bottles. With a mechanical process, not a chemical one, to transform bottles into a polymer. Its particular texture gives garments a unique identity. A revolutionary way to reuse resources and take care of the environment. 94% less water consumption, 64% less energy consumption and 32% less CO2 emissions compared to other fibers.


Garments created from cellulose, usually of eucalyptus. It is completely biodegradable and its production is a closed cycle in which almost all solvents (organic origin) are reused. The process uses less water than other types of cellulosic fibers, such as nylon.

You do not need bleach and it comes from certified sustainable forests. Silky touch, absorbent, easy to care, and it is especially recommended for sensitive skin.


Recycled cotton prevents unneeded wastage. It comes from older, previously garments and is blended with virgin cotton fibers to improve yarn strengths.

Re-dyeying may not be necessary. Using recycled cotton can lead to significant savings of natural resources and reduce chemicals and pesticide uses.

Recycling one tonne of cotton can save 765 cubic meters of water.

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